About Us
Brienna Shepherds

We are a small family and breeder of the beautiful German Shepherd Dog.  
We feel that the German Shepherd is the ultimate breed!  They are renowned
for being very intelligent and loyal family pets.   We carefully choose which
dogs to breed in order to produce sound, intelligent, healthy and loving family
pets as well as dogs suited for breeding/show quality.

We are located in Northern Ontario residing in Hilton Beach on the
picturesque St. Joseph Island.
(Near Sault Ste. Marie)

Breeding Philosophy

I got my first shepherd from Wendy Haddrall of Hellwigg Shepherds. She
has been a great inspiration and mentor as she assists and helps me with
my breeding program which I thank her for!  Our goal is to produce more of
the same and offer to families at an affordable price. We strive to produce
dogs that meet the GSD standard and want to also produce outstanding
structure and health.

When Sienna came to our home we quickly realized she is a wonderful
example of the breed.  She's athletic, smart, stable, agile, loyal.....all a
german shepherd should be.  She is our foundation girl.  
She has been retired from our breeding program for a few years now and
still has boundless energy and loves to run and play ball with our family!

Who We Are

We live in Hilton Beach(previously Barrie, Ontario).
We both grew up in Northern Ontario and enjoyed growing up with family
We love the outdoors and love spending time with our shepherds outside
and inside.  
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Melanie Springbett
P.O.Box 71
Hilton Beach, Ontario, Canada
Fine Art

The fine art of Melanie Springbett is quite often inspired by the German
Shepherds of Brienna Shepherds kennel.
Located in Hilton Beach, Ontario, Canada , Mel's portraits of loved people
and pets is renowned throughout North America and Eastern Europe .